Get Ahead of the Curve: The Best Glassdoor Jobs for 2023

Get Ahead of the Curve The Best Glassdoor Jobs for 2022

How do you know which jobs will be in demand in 2023? You don’t have to rely on luck or guesswork; the employment website Glassdoor released its annual list of the best jobs in America, and it’s based on some very specific criteria. The jobs on this list are diverse, and they’re also indicative of current trends that are likely to continue into the future, so if you find one that suits your interests and career goals, now’s the time to act! Check out these top-ranked jobs from Glassdoor, and get ready to get ahead of the curve!

Project Manager

Project Managers work on a wide variety of projects, and are responsible for coordinating the various participants involved in order to meet project goals. They do this by gathering, prioritizing, and presenting information to stakeholders. Project Managers are important in every industry as they help set long-term strategy and short-term tasks, which has them dealing with an ever-changing landscape that forces them to think quickly and anticipate contingencies. Project Manager is currently listed as number six on Glass Door’s best jobs list for 2022.

Machine Learning Engineer

Tired of your current job? Consider a Machine Learning Engineer! Glassdoor ranked this as one of the top jobs in 2022. Machine Learning Engineers specialize in designing, building, and implementing solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) to answer complex business questions. A degree in Computer Science or related field is typically required, but some come from non-traditional backgrounds like philosophy or mathematics with a computer science background. But don’t be too discouraged if you don’t have any formal training. You can also become a Machine Learning Engineer through different certification programs such as Coursera’s Machine Learning Engineer certificate course offered by Duke University.

Data Scientist

Glass Door is always releasing new lists, ranking jobs based on their reviews from current and former employees. In honor of Women’s History Month, they released a list of top 20 positions that may be great options for ambitious women to start off their careers. Within these roles, one job in particular caught our eye; Data Scientist. As a Data Scientist you’ll use data to find insights and identify business problems with your team. A Data Scientist can have a major impact in their industry by using analytical reasoning to solve complex problems and predicting future events, which sounds pretty cool!

Business Development Manager

The business development manager is a leader within an organization who drives company growth by developing new business opportunities. Company leaders often rely on the business development manager to generate and identify potential customers, find partners, do market research, monitor competitive developments and other relevant tasks. In order to be a successful business development manager, you need experience in this field as well as strong knowledge about your industry.

Some skills required for success include strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent listening skills and strong networking abilities. You also need to understand what sets your company apart from others in the industry as well as any barriers to entering new markets or negotiating new contracts with current customers. Salary expectations vary depending on factors such as experience and seniority but typically hover around $68,000 per year.

DevOps Engineer

So, what is DevOps engineering? It is a role that combines knowledge from development and systems administration to help produce efficient and reliable software, without downtime. Their primary focus is automation. If you can automate something, then you don’t have to rely on human beings which are prone to errors, because it’s unlikely that people will be available 24/7.

To learn more about this hot new career field and make a successful transition from where you are now to a dev ops engineer, then you may want to check out our helpful resource pages on Becoming a DevOps Engineer.

Database Administrator

Database Administrators maintain and update database-driven applications. As a result, Database Administrators are well-rounded professionals with expertise in managing different types of data, programming, and project management.

Data security is paramount to this position; as a result, you will often be asked to work on special projects that require confidentiality agreements and strict NDAs in order to protect company assets.

Data Analyst

Data analysts have a couple different job duties depending on what their employer needs. For example, if they’re in IT, they might be focused on ensuring that databases and networks are operating efficiently. If they’re in finance, then their focus might be on consolidating information and looking for trends or weaknesses.

A degree is usually required to get this type of job–though some employers will accept applicants with relevant experience. Good skills to have when looking at this position include technical know-how, strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and data-driven problem solving.

Job Growth Rate (US) – 18%

Top Recruiting Companies – Pitney Bowes Inc., Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc., Federal Aviation Administration

Growth Marketer

Most companies are concerned with attracting customers and retaining their existing customer base. Growth marketers’ priority is, unsurprisingly, on growing their company through acquiring new customers. They do this by finding insights into customer behavior and then crafting messages that will drive more leads or increase conversions. But growth marketers don’t just present company information to prospective customers – they also keep tabs on competitors, look at market research to understand trends and benchmark goals, etc.

Web Developer

Glassdoor recently published a list of their top 10 job openings. As technology continues to advance, companies are on the hunt for talented Web Developers to join their teams. These professionals work at leading-edge companies, which often require advanced degrees or years and years of experience in their specific field. They’re responsible for building and maintaining an organization’s online presence as well as interacting with customers on its behalf through social media channels. In addition to web development skills, there are also requirements for talent in Java and Oracle programming languages, HTML5/CSS3 coding standards, cloud computing expertise, agile project management methodologies and Scrum software frameworks.

Software Developer in Test (SDET)

Software Developer in Test (SDET) #1 on Glassdoor’s list of best jobs for 2022. Software Developer in Test (SDET)s are responsible for testing software by finding bugs and fixing problems before the product is released to market. SDETs work to ensure that products can be deployed and run successfully across multiple platforms. SDETs also collaborate with other departments, like Product Management and Software Development, to provide the best possible experience from start to finish.