Not Your Ordinary Desk Drawer: 8 Best Desk Organizers and Storage Options for the Office

Not Your Ordinary Desk Drawer 8 Best Desk Organizers and Storage Options for the Office

The organization is key to boosting productivity in the office, and there are many different types of organizers that can help with that endeavor. If you’re tired of searching through piles of paper and scraps to find that one important document, check out these eight options for desk organizers and storage solutions on Amazon. The best part? They’re all under $10, so there’s no need to empty your wallet in order to keep things neat and tidy.

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Got shoes? Then you need a way to store them. Over-the-door shoe organizers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, making it easy to find one that suits your needs. If you have lots of pairs of heels or are trying to organize delicate items like handbags, purses, and scarves, this is an ideal solution. A traditional desk drawer isn’t going to work if you’re also using it as a place to stash your clothes while they’re getting washed or dry cleaned! When hung on the back of a door that opens outwards into the room (rather than swinging into another room), these organizers let people see what’s inside without taking up any valuable floor space at all.

Jewelry Holder

A jewelry holder is a great way to store your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and other small pieces. It’s the perfect solution for cluttered jewelry draws or messes of necklaces lying on your dresser. There are many different types of jewelry holders available- from hangers with hooks to boxes that you can customize yourself. It may not sound important now but it will certainly be beneficial in years to come when you’re looking through your old college treasures!

Magnetic Utensil Holder

If you’re looking for a quick and practical solution to your lack of desk drawer space, this magnetic utensil holder is an excellent choice. Put it on the side of your desk, mount it under your desk, or hang it from your cabinet to add an extra level of organization. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about knocking over pens again.

Cord Roll

Cord Rolls are a low-tech, but surprisingly effective, way to tame your cables. As you may have noticed by now, there are a number of items on our list that use some sort of cable management. We included this item because many of us don’t always like the look of these various organizers sitting on top of our desks, or they’re too large to keep inside them. Cord Rolls can be just as effective at managing your cables and they fit in most desk drawers!

Binder Clip Cable Management System

Binder clips are a quick, inexpensive solution to tidying up your cables. Adding binder clips to your desk is a quick way to help keep cords together. However, make sure that you position them in such a way that they won’t create an unnecessary tripping hazard or block other items on your desk. You can use hooks to hang some of the less frequently used items off of your desk so they’re out of sight but still easily accessible. And lastly, if you have room on your desk, consider adding an organizer box that’s designed specifically for holding pens or pencils.

CD Wallet (Fabric & Leather)

With so many great designs to choose from, a CD wallet is the perfect desk drawer organizer. They come in a range of designs from classic to unique. Hand-stitched seams add durability and their durable design will hold up throughout years of wear and tear.

CD Case (Fabric & Leather)

Need a versatile way to hold your most essential office supplies, like pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors and paperclips? Turn any empty CD case into an all-in-one desk drawer with this clever DIY storage idea. The project is easy to put together—simply paint your favorite color inside the case (this serves as a nice alternative to leaving it black or clear), then arrange it however you want on your desk.

Stainless Steel CD Case

I’m guessing most of us still have a small stack of CDs stored in our office drawer. The problem is, they can be difficult to organize (not to mention take up a lot of space). This stainless steel CD case is great because it prevents them from rubbing against each other and you can stack things on top of it if needed. It also has a smaller footprint than your average CD tower and would look nice alongside your desk. Plus, there’s a wide selection of colors available so you’re sure to find one that fits with your décor. One drawback is that it doesn’t allow for much access while stacked high – which may not work well if you like easy access to all your discs.