The Surprising Benefits of Chasing Rabbits in a Training Environment

The Surprising Benefits of Chasing Rabbits in a Training Environment

When you hear the term rabbit chasing, what comes to mind? Many of us will visualize hounds pursuing rabbits across meadows and over fences. However, there are many more benefits to rabbit chasing in training programs that you may not have considered, which we will cover in this article…

What is chasing rabbits?

There are many benefits to the process of chasing rabbits, but some people may not be aware that the technique is not just for children. Instead, it is an effective method for developing a type of thinking called inductive reasoning and intuitive problem solving. Researchers who studied this effect discovered that individuals who were exposed to chasing rabbits as an exercise showed significant improvements in these areas as well as enhanced creativity. In addition, participants found themselves with improved perceptual skills and better accuracy when answering questions on perceptual tests. In addition, chasing rabbits improves one’s ability to notice patterns that may otherwise go unnoticed. As such, this technique could also have implications for fields like data mining or medical research where pattern recognition can be important.

How does it help you improve your dog’s behaviour?

What many people don’t realize is that chasing rabbits is a good way to exercise your dog’s brain. When they are chasing the rabbit, they’re problem solving skills kick into high gear and they learn to focus on one task. We also find that if we have more than one dog, the second one catches up with the first one quite quickly. The pursuit provides both mental and physical stimulation for your pup! They’ll get tired out faster and won’t want to jump on guests when you open the door. They’ll be better behaved when they come inside after their long day outside too! It’s not just about giving them something fun to do though – it’s about giving them what they need so that they can be calm, happy members of your family.

What are some tips for successful chasing?

A successful chase could be summarized as follows:

  1. Focus on the rabbit, not the obstacles
  2. Feel free to break things
  3. If you stop moving forward, it’s over
  4. Don’t look at the rabbit or what is happening around you, but only focus on your goal.
  5. Work with a friend who will act as your bunny.
  6. Take breaks from chasing rabbits every so often to give yourself time to process what just happened and figure out how you want to do better next time.
  7. Get creative and find other ways for people and rabbits to play together (i.e., in an agility course).

Why should I start chasing rabbits?

  1. They boost energy levels
  2. They make you smarter
  3. They open your eyes to new perspectives and experiences .
  4. Create better decision-making skills
  5. Boost creativity, imagination, and thinking on your feet
  6. Build leadership skills
  7. Build cooperation and support skills
  8. Strengthen communication skills 9. Boost problem-solving skills 10.

Can I do this indoors?

Regardless if your facility is indoor or outdoor, you’ll find there are many benefits to using chasing rabbits. When utilized properly, it can be an extremely beneficial exercise that does more than just provide high levels of cardio fitness for the athlete. Let’s discuss the benefits that come with chasing rabbits!


Overall, the benefits are really positive and working with rabbits has become more than just training. They have become our friends. In fact, we like them so much that now we keep one as a pet at home! I think it’s fair to say that I can’t imagine my life without him (or her) by my side any longer. My hope is that you too will find the same fulfillment from chasing rabbits as I have found here at Fluffy Bunny Farms.