Why IT Consulting Can Be Right For You Versus IT Management

Why IT Consulting Can Be Right For You Versus IT Management

Many companies will seek out the services of an IT service provider, either hiring them as a contractor, hiring them on as a part- or full-time member of the team, or by keeping them on retainer on an as-needed basis.

However, there are instances where all of these options may not be the best fit for your business. We’ve got a few reasons & situations where seeking out IT consulting services may be the better move.

Your Business May Be Too New

If you’re just starting out with your business, chances are that it’s just you, or you and a handful of other people working to get the business on its feet. In instances such as these, having a well-experienced and oftentimes expensive IT professional on your team may not be necessary just yet.

An IT consultation or two may be all that your business needs to ensure that all cybersecurity or online marketing needs are being met. They can guide you in the right direction, give pointers and assistance on what software, devices, technical or legal requisites, and other programs your business needs, and send you on your way.

By doing it this way, your business gets the information it needs, and only has to pay once.

Your Business May Have Too Few People

Some businesses start small and stay small. This is especially true for sole proprietors. Tiny businesses like these likely won’t need a complex IT infrastructure with an IT service provider at the helm. This will ultimately cost your business a lot of money when it may not be needed.

Having fewer people on your team greatly reduces the risk of malware infections and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. This is because there’s fewer devices that your team is using – especially if your team shares devices – and therefore fewer opportunities for bad actors to infect your machines or access sensitive information.

Your Business Isn’t Very Reliant on Technology

In the cases of businesses that don’t work out of an office, the likelihood of them needing an IT professional on their team is very low.

With businesses such as these, chances are that the only IT service they’ll need is getting their business website and business bank account up and running. Otherwise, having an IT professional on board to do small tasks such as monitoring emails and making small adjustments to the website will only be a money sink for your business. In that case, IT consulting would likely point you towards a marketing agency.

There are many reasons to choose an IT consultant. And even if you need an IT management company in the end, you’ll have likely learned something else in your interaction. You might be able to manage your new partner more effectively, or improve another portion of the digtial side of your business.