The Best Desktops for Every Business Role in 2022

The Best Desktops for Every Business Role in 2022

Traditional Desktops

In ten years, desktop computers will no longer be necessary. Flat screens will become thinner and lighter, adapting to work stations more easily than ever before. With the perfect resolution, we’ll be able to connect wirelessly to any video or power source – as long as it’s within range. In this future, every desktop will have a unique layout and design of their own, ensuring that every individual gets their ideal workspace.

They’ll also still come with a keyboard and mouse so you can interact with your computer from across the room. What could possibly make them better? Well, they’ll also have built-in facial recognition! That way only authorized users can access them. The best part is that not even big companies will be able to break into these systems! What do you think about the desktops of tomorrow? Is there anything else you would want to see on them? I would love to hear what ideas you all have! Comment below or tweet at me if you have an idea worth sharing.



Businesses are realizing the value of mobile workforces, as well. As a result, businesses will become more reliant on laptops and tablet computers to get their work done–plus be able to respond to their customers’ needs quicker.

This means there’s been an explosion of new laptops that are small and lightweight enough to take with you but powerful enough to take care of any task you need. Plus, there’s even tablet PCs that make it possible for teams to set up shop virtually from anywhere so they can collaborate remotely without wasting time traveling back and forth.

There is no shortage of excellent options out there when it comes to laptops and tablet PCs for every situation, too. For example, if you’re looking for something light and portable like a Chromebook laptop or Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet PC to do quick tasks like checking email or making simple edits to documents, then Google Pixel book or iPad Pro might be the perfect fit. For those who need something with a little more processing power, then HP Spectre x360 13-inch Convertible Laptop or Lenovo Yoga C930 are also great choices.

Tired of fighting over physical monitors? Well, now there’s plenty of solutions for virtual collaboration on monitors which allow multiple people to see what each other sees at the same time! These systems have come down in price over the years too because they’re easier to produce than ever before.



With the high quality, relatively low-cost Google Chromebooks on the market, it’s easier than ever to get started with a professional laptop. Though it has limited applications outside of web browsing and word processing, you’ll never need to pay for another version of these programs. One amazing feature that Chromebooks offer is the idea of multiple user logins. Whether you have one or fifty employees, it’s easy to keep your company devices secure and organized. Employees are also able to easily move between an office and home office setting because they can access their work when they’re on Wi-Fi anywhere they are in the world. The only major downside to this device is that it lacks a touchscreen which makes using some software difficult. Nonetheless, if all you want is something lightweight and portable for basic computing needs, this might be the best choice for you.



#1 Best PC for Business – The 2-in-1 PC

2-in-1 PCs, also known as convertible PCs, have a tablet and laptop built into one. Users can flip the screen to use the device like a laptop or convert it to a tablet for on-the-go needs. While 2-in-1s are perfect for road warriors and frequent travelers, they’re best suited for people with specific business roles that require more than just basic computing tasks.

#2 – The Next Generation Laptop (six sentences)

While laptops are still around, 2-in offers a superior experience when it comes to typing. With improved keyboards and screens, these devices offer an unparalleled experience over laptops of the past. Perfect for businesspeople who spend most of their time sitting at a desk but need a portable option too.

#3 – Smartphone: Best Mobile Device for Anyone Who’s Always On-the-Go

Smartphones are the most portable computer available today. With Wi-Fi capability, GPS technology, internet browsing capabilities, camera functions and much more all crammed into your pocket, smartphones have replaced MP3 players, cameras and even portable gaming consoles as your go-to tech gadget. A must have for any person who spends their time running from meeting to meeting without being able to put down their phone.


Desktop-Laptop Hybrids

At its CES 2019 keynote, Samsung revealed a new category of devices: Desktop-Laptop Hybrids. These devices have touchscreens, with speakers built in and can be used as both a laptop and as a desktop PC. Samsung plans to release these hybrids by the first half of 2020. To date, no other major OEM has announced any similar products or functionality—but they probably will soon, given how advantageous these devices could be. They may well be the perfect device for the modern worker who wants both the versatility of laptops and ease of use that desktops provide. Plus, unlike typical hybrids which usually just offer two modes (laptop or tablet), this one also provides three: Laptop mode; Table mode; Stand mode. The Desktop-Laptop Hybrid is an innovative piece of hardware that is worth waiting for if you’re in the market for something different.