The 7 Best Strategies for Building Backlinks


What are Backlinks and Why Should We Pay Attention to Backlink Building?

If you’re committed to SEO you’ve probably delved into different strategies to build backlinks. If you’re new to the SEO party, it’s the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your website.

Search engines utilize hyperlinks to discover new websites and decide the level at which a website should appear on their result pages. That is when a large number of quality websites link to your site, Google will assume your site is top-quality as well, and you’ll be promoted in the search results.

In the realm of SEO backlink creation is on high on the agenda of methods to boost your ranking. Management and acquisition of backlinks are one of the most discussed SEO strategies. You’ve probably heard about the most popular SEO strategies:

Some are more straightforward than others, however they all work and are beneficial. We want you to be able to use as many strategies for building backlinks as feasible. This is why we’ve come up with seven unique strategies for backlinking that you have not yet encountered that perform amazingly well!

Design Your own real-world Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a game? (Especially when the players win prizes!) Who says that building backlinks shouldn’t be entertaining?

All you require for this step is some brand-name products and a few locations to hide. If your company sells its products it already has the first step covered.

Then, go out into your neighborhood and hide your winnings. If your business has local ties to one particular city or town, you’ve got an opportunity to play on your board. If you’re operating from multiple locations or operate an enterprise with a national reach you can organize multiple scavenger hunts or have a large-scale event with players from several cities.

Place your brand’s merchandise in the town. It should be hidden enough that people who pass by won’t take it in, but not to the point that your customers can’t locate it. (That is the purpose in the end!)

Go online and tell your friends about the contest. Post it on your site or post it on Facebook and tweet about the event. Inspire people to be excited to discover your prizes and then ask them to share photos of themselves sporting their prized possessions.

You could even assign it your hashtags, such as #merchhunt2024 or a hashtag that’s personalized with your company’s name. Follow up with frequent tweets that include clues like “We cannot believe that nobody has found our all-weather coat yet! The jacket was “banking” on this jacket first. !”> (Get it? The jacket is close to that bank.) You’ll inspire and encourage more people to join in.

This will not only create excitement for your business and your brand, but you could also be able to get backlinks originating from winners who post their experiences online. If you’re lucky enough, an outlet that covers news will find the game and write about the event. Don’t leave it up to chance! Make sure you send out the press release!

Offer discounts to students and University staff

The process ensures complete transparency and allows the Company to offer link-building services with no large internal teams. Building backlinks from educational websites is among the most effective ways to build important backlinks. If you’ve got any products that can benefit teachers or students give them discounts. You could even consider offering an additional discount during certain periods of the year such as teacher appreciation week or the back-to-school season.

The next step is to contact any of the universities in your area. Your best options are students’ unions, the student advisors, the faculty service, or even a webmaster. Let them know about the discount you are getting and how it will benefit their staff, students, and faculty. A lot of schools have websites that are dedicated to student and employee discounts. If you can get an affiliate link from this page or any other page on the university’s website, you’ll get significant improvement in the quality of your backlinks.

Many popular websites and blogs offer the best teacher discounts, mainly in May and April as Teacher Appreciation Week is approaching. Make a Google Search for “best teacher discounts” locate the pages where these discounts are highlighted and then email the administrator to request for inclusion.

It is also possible to do something similar during back-to-school time. Google “best back-to-school deals available for teachers and students” and request to be included in the round-ups.

Start a scholarship program

It is a great method to gain a university backlink when you have enough money to pay for a small amount of award (even if it’s only $500-$1,000). Backlinks from universities are extremely important to Google or Bing. Plus, you’ll be able to contribute to your local community and assist a worthy student pay to attend college.

You’ll have to determine some parameters. What is the process for students to apply for the award? What are the requirements for entry? Are applicants eligible to participate in a competition? Who will be the judge? It doesn’t need to be complex. Prom Guide gives a scholarship of $1,000 to the most adorable prom couple that is based on Instagram likes. Gallery Collection: Gallery Collection awards $10,000 to the person who designs the most beautiful greeting card.

Contact an administrator from Financial Aid to inquire whether they can provide the hyperlink to your scholarship page with students through their financial aid webpage. A valuable university backlink is done!

You’re Out There Literally

Do you remember back in the day, when Lyft sent out a Ghostbusters car to celebrate the movie’s reboot in 2016? You can too!

Okay Maybe not in an actual Ghostbusters vehicle however, you get the concept. What’s a unique method to make yourself noticed in the world?

A Chevrolet dealership located in Brazil created a lot of publicity when they joined with a towing company to find prospective customers whose cars had stopped working. They spotted them at the towing location and offered them a trial drive to take them home.

South African beer brand Windhoek gave free drone deliveries of their ice-cold bottles to festival goers at a popular community music festival.

There are numerous opportunities to interact with your clients in real life. Run a crafting business? Offer a class for free. Are you the owner of an establishment? Consider investing in a food truck that you can use for community gatherings. Are you a more academic business? Plan a seminar, and invite a knowledgeable speaker. There are countless possibilities to advertise your business as you interact with real-world customers.

If your event is memorable and thrilling, there is an excellent chance that your customers will be sharing their experiences on social media. Additionally, you can contact local media outlets and invite them to report on or showcase the event. Newspapers are among the top universities, and they’re in the top-ranked backlink category. If you’re able to get reporters to report about your experience, then you’re nearly guaranteed to get an online backlink on their site.

Donate to a Cause

What are you a believer in? Do you have a cause you’d like to help? Perhaps a particular part of the globe that you’d like to contribute to improving? Become a corporate sponsor. You will not only benefit and help the community in which you live, but a majority of charities have their sponsors listed on their web pages. Also, this listing comes with hyperlinks from a .org website, which is also extremely beneficial.

Find out What Your Competitors Are Up To

If you’ve tried a variety of strategies but haven’t had much success, conduct some more investigation. What strategies are your competition using?

There are numerous websites where you can input the URL to get an overview of backlinks for the website. (Moz, Semrush, and Alexa as an example.) If you are aware of the backlinks your competitors originate from It shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a plan to get your link listed there as well. Are you a true expert in your field? Do you have knowledge on your subject that would be helpful?

Create a profile as a resource for HARO

HARO means “help reporters out.” A lot of journalists and writers use it to locate experts to talk with for their stories. Many blogs and magazines make use of it to select items for a round-up.

After signing in, you must indicate your specialties. You can then look for inquiries from writers in your email inbox. HARO distributes these three times per day. Send a pitch if have a subject that is in line with your personal experience.

Most of the time reporters will outline precisely what they’re searching for. Be sure to include the most relevant and helpful information within your proposal. If the journalist is convinced your website has relevant information to them, they’re likely to reach out to you. Most media outlets are willing to include an online link whenever they use your name in their stories.

These methods won’t be suitable for every company. For certain businesses using the conventional methods for getting backlinks will yield the greatest results. The most important thing is the fact that you’re doing it that’s successful.

Even if you have a successful backlink strategy, it’s never a bad idea to experiment with something new. There are many unconventional ideas that we haven’t included in this article. With perseverance and diligence, you’ll be able to create high quality backlinks that will boost your SEO.

Do you need help with your backlink-building strategy? It’s not necessary to talk to a “backlink building firm” however, you should speak to an experienced SEO agency that has backlink building in their marketing plan.