Quick Tutorial on Using Wires to Hit a Dab Cart

Quick Tutorial on Using Wires to Hit a Dab Cart

Let’s delve into the world of using wires to hit a dab cart. As society shifts away from traditional smoking, cartridges are gaining popularity. Vaping emerges as a healthier and socially acceptable substitute for smoking.

Yet, aside from cartomizers and vape pens, a battery is essential. Even if your battery runs out but you have a cart and a spare, you can still enjoy hitting your cartridge.

Hitting and smoking a cart without a battery might sound challenging, but it’s more achievable than it seems. It’s not as daunting as it appears, and it can lead to substantial savings in the long term.

While it may pose some difficulty without a battery, you can still smoke or hit it just like a vape pen with the right technique.

What’s the technique for hitting a dab cart using wires?

Position the black wire at the center of the metal on the cart’s bottom. Secure the red wire by taping it to the outer part of the cart. As you do this, listen for the air being released. Inhale at that moment, and voila—mission accomplished!

What precisely is a cartridge?

A cartridge is a small, cylindrical container designed to hold oil or liquid concentrate for inhalation through vaping. Typically made of glass or metal, it incorporates a heating element at the bottom.

This heating element facilitates the inhalation of the oil or liquid within the cartridge. Additionally, wicks within the cartridge absorb the liquid and assist in delivering it to the heating element.

When you hit or smoke the cartridge, the heat from the coil vaporizes the oil or liquid inside, allowing you to inhale the resulting vapor. The wicks play a crucial role in absorbing the liquid and transferring it to the heating element.

Unlike smoking a cigarette, using a cartridge doesn’t involve inhaling smoke. Instead, you breathe in the vapor produced.

Using wires on a cart: A Step-by-Step Guide

Employing wires on a cart, especially in the absence of a battery, may pose a challenge. Nevertheless, with the correct instructions, it’s completely achievable. Here’s a concise overview:

1: Grasping the Fundamentals

Prior to starting, it’s crucial to comprehend the specific cart and the type of wires you’re working with. Certain methods may specifically call for an Android charger or an older charger.

2: Prioritize Safety:

Always ensure that the method you choose is safe, avoiding any practices that may pose harm or danger. Following expert advice or tutorials from reliable sources is a wise approach.

3: The USB Wire Technique:

A widely recognized method utilizes a USB wire, often highlighted in tutorials for its effectiveness. Connect the appropriate ends of the wire to the cart and follow the provided instructions.

4: Red Wire Contact Method:

Another approach involves carefully touching the red wire to the exterior of the vape cartridge. While straightforward, precision is key.

5: Community Input:

Platforms like Quora host numerous discussions on this topic. If uncertain, seeking advice from the community or exploring insights from those who have experimented with various methods is always a prudent step.

Simple Steps to Hit Your Cart Using a Black Wire

Curious about hitting the cart without a battery? Discover the techniques for using an Android charger to hit a dab cart without a battery. Remember, this isn’t something you should attempt at home, once again.

Unplug the Charging End of the Android Charger

To learn how to hit a cart without a battery, refrain from using scissors to cut off the USB port near the base of the Android charger. Ensure that USB ports on a computer, desk, or wall are all easily reachable.

Unplug the Green and White Wires

You only require the red and black wires from your Android charger to complete this project. Remove the white and green strands from the remaining two.

Expose the ends of the red and black wires

Use a wire remover to strip the ends of both wires. If you lack a wire-stripping tool, a pair of nail clippers will suffice—avoid burning the wires with a lighter.

Insert the black wire into the cartridge

Locate a small circular hole at the center of the bottom of the vape cartridge. Insert the exposed end of the black wire into this hole and secure it.

Connect the red wire to the exterior of the cart

Gently touch the red wire to the metal exterior of the vape cartridge. Connect your Android charger to a plugged-in and operational USB port. Listen for a hissing sound as vapor starts to emerge from your cart. Take your time inhaling, as the impact may be stronger than what you’re accustomed to. These are the five fundamental and uncomplicated techniques for hitting your cart without a battery.

Does the cartridge contain a battery?

Cartridges are manufactured in different ways; some come with built-in batteries, while others do not. If your cartridge lacks a battery, you’ll need to purchase one separately to use it. Nevertheless, the majority of cartridges these days come equipped with batteries that heat the cartridge and generate vapor.

The cart’s battery facilitates the evaporation of the liquid inside, enabling inhalation. These batteries are tailored for devices like this and exhibit commendable performance. Depending on the battery, some are rechargeable or refillable, while others are disposable. It’s crucial to discern the type of battery you possess to avoid overuse and premature depletion.

What’s the method for using a cart without a battery?

Wondering how to operate your cartridge without a battery? The procedure is quite simple. Since the cartridge’s battery is responsible for heating the coil and generating vapor, if it runs out or ceases to operate, there will be no heat and no vapor.

This doesn’t hinder the chance of using your cartridge. By employing various heating tools and alternative batteries, you can make your cartridge produce vapor. This process ensures even heating of the coil, resulting in the creation of vapor. To activate the cartridge, all you need is a heat source to apply to it. Connect the cartridge to the heat source and wait for it to begin producing vapor.

Adjusting the cartridge’s position or applying additional pressure may be necessary for optimal results. Exercise caution to avoid overheating, as it can damage the oil inside. After applying sufficient heat, take a deep breath through the mouthpiece and savor the vapor.

How can you hit a dab cart without a battery?

Hitting dab cartridges without a battery is possible through various methods, requiring specific materials. As long as you have the necessary items, you can safely smoke or hit your cartridge by following these instructions carefully.

Can you use a lighter to smoke vape juice?

Using a lighter and foil, you can vaporize it and inhale through a straw, gently ‘chasing it.’ I’ve witnessed this method employed for wax and other concentrates. While it is functional, it’s not particularly practical as it’s easy to overheat and manage.


In conclusion, the necessity of a battery in a dab cartridge for vapor production is evident. Without it, your smoking experience may be lacking, and producing vapor becomes impossible.

Understanding how to hit a dab cart with wires becomes crucial in such situations. There are various methods to achieve this, so experiment with them to find the one that suits you best.

It’s important to note that the vapor produced may not be as substantial as with a battery, but it remains a viable way to enjoy your concentrates. Prioritize your safety by taking the necessary precautions during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a lighter to hit a cartridge?

That was the approach yesterday, but in the absence of batteries, you can still hit your cartridge by placing the flame in the contact hole and then inhaling.

Why doesn’t a wire make contact with my cart?

A common reason for a clogged cart is the accumulation of condensation inside the cart’s airway. This condensation can gradually obstruct the mouthpiece, impeding the flow of vapor when you inhale.

Can a broken cart be repaired?

Should your cart break, refrain from dabbing it with oil. If propylene glycol is present, as often observed, it may break down and potentially transform into acetone. In certain instances, at high temperatures, this acetone can further convert to formaldehyde.

How much does a dab cart cost?

The price of filled dab carts can range from $20 for a low-end half-gram cart to $100 for a high-end full-gram cart. While prices may fluctuate, a whole gram of high-quality marijuana typically costs around $60 to $80.