How to Fix the Cannot Download File Issue in Google Drive on a Chromebook

How to Fix the Cannot Download File Issue in Google Drive on a Chromebook

Not being able to download files from Google Drive on your Chromebook can be frustrating, but it’s usually an easy fix. If you’re having trouble downloading your Google Drive files on your Chromebook, here are a few possible fixes that might get you back to work!

What happens when you try to open a drive document

One of the most common reasons for this issue is that you may not have an internet connection. You can either unplug your Chromebook and plug it back in, or use Chrome’s Wi-Fi connected capability from within your browser. A second possible cause is that there was an error downloading files during synchronization. Restarting Drive can often fix this problem. Otherwise, close and re-open the app until you find the file you need, or delete cached files if necessary. If neither option works, restart your Chromebook.

Why does this happen?

It is hard to pinpoint why this specific error pops up as often as it does. It could be a temporary server issue or an incompatibility with your browser and internet connection. However, I have found that 99% of the time, this issue can be resolved by simply disabling and re-enabling your device’s network settings. In order for this to work, you must close out of all open applications and disconnect from any WiFi networks that you are connected too. Then disable WiFi (found under Settings > Network) and restart your device.

After restarting, reconnect to the WiFi network(s) that you were previously connected to. Finally, go back into Settings > Network and enable WiFI again. The file should now load successfully! You may need to refresh the page if nothing appears after following these steps. If none of these steps worked, please let me know so that I can help troubleshoot! Oftentimes when people run into this issue, they assume that their only option is to delete the document in question and create a new one. But there are ways around this!

A document can sometimes be fixed by removing permissions on the .gdoc file. Doing so will allow users to modify permissions for themselves rather than having them automatically granted from within Google Drive, which fixes issues such as not being able to edit files created through third party apps like Microsoft Office. To remove permissions on the .gdoc file: 1) Right click the file name, 2) Select Properties 3) Select Security tab 4) Click Edit 5) Remove other people’s permissions 6) Add yourself permissions 7) Click OK 8) Try opening document 9) See if it works

How can I fix it?

In order to fix this issue, it is important that you delete all the files associated with any failed downloads. To do this, click your name or email at the top of the screen and select Downloads. Locate any files that are currently highlighted as waiting for download. Right-click these items and choose Delete from Disk. Once you have done this, go back to your Downloads folder and try downloading again. It should now work! If not, check your network connection by following these steps:

  1. A) Click the wifi icon in the lower right corner of your screen
  2. B) Next to WiFi networks look for available networks
  3. C) Choose Google (you will be prompted to enter credentials)
  4. D) Go back to google drive and retry

What if I want my Google docs offline?

Chromebooks are great for many things, but working offline isn’t one of them. That is unless you get creative. There are ways to download your files, but these workarounds are time-consuming and not ideal. The simplest solution is an offline version of Google Docs that you can install on your computer (and it doesn’t even have to be a Chromebook). One such app is Office Suite which has both free and paid versions available. With Office Suite installed, you can open your Google Docs file as if it were on your computer and edit away–even when you don’t have an internet connection!

All of your changes will sync with Google once you reconnect to the web. Another option is installing Grive2 on your Chrome browser. It lets you choose what folder or folders to synchronize so you don’t have to make sure all of your files are up-to-date all the time. Plus, Grive2 offers encryption for added security. If none of those work for you, there’s always that old standby: Printing out hard copies and storing them somewhere safe until you need them again!

The golden rule for using Google Drive offline

While using Google Drive offline may not be available at this time, here are some golden rules that you can use while you wait for it.

  •  Don’t forget to check out your data usage and update your plan if necessary. This will help you avoid overages when traveling.
  •  Find the documents you need before leaving Wi-Fi range so that your connection is as fast as possible when working on them.
  • Remember to pack your extension cord and power bank so that there’s no way of draining battery life.
  •  Add those new files right away by saving them offline, even if they’re open on another device like a phone or laptop with internet access.
  •  If you’re having trouble downloading the file, please reach out to our support team. We’d love to hear from you!