Great DirecTV Movies to Watch in 2023

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Streaming services are a great source of entertainment for every age and mood. They offer a variety of content, including movies, shows, and series across a wide range of genres. And who doesn’t love to watch movies with popcorn on weekend nights? That’s right! No one.

Watching movies is a part of tradition for many households, and to make sure their viewing experience is not disrupted by anything, streaming services like DirecTV is the way to go. DirecTV offers a huge and amazing list of movies in crisp quality and immersive audio for a complete cinema-like experience. You can also experience this first-hand by signing up for the DirecTV stream. Click here to view their packages and get access to thousands of movies from every imaginable genre.

Moreover, you can also download movies with DirecTV DVR and watch them anytime you want. So, whether you are a movie fanatic or just want some casual entertainment experience, DirecTV stream has something for everybody. And we are here to break down some of those. Here is a list of the best DirecTV movies to watch in 2022.

The Batman

Director Matt Reeves takes a fresh start to the Batman series following Christopher Nolan’s masterful Trilogy. This time though, it is played by none other than Robert Pattinson.

In a barbaric sequence, a serial killer starts murdering the city’s political figures, and Batman is forced to investigate. It is after that that the Dark Knight quickly realizes the depth of the corruption that envelopes Gotham City, and he has to be the one to put an end to it to prevent more murders.

Batman 2022 is a great addition to the much-loved superhero book, with many eventful scenes and thrillers from start to finish. Although we are much aware of the Twilight star’s abilities as the bloodthirsty vampire, this time he has to play another type of Bat, a different kind of Monster; this time, he wears the cloak of the Dark Knight, seeking justice for Gotham, his family, and most importantly for himself.

Father Stu

Directed by Rosalind Ross – Father Stu is the documentary and biography of a boxer converted into a priest, Father Stuart Long, played by Mark Wahlberg.

Father Stu is a story of how the Human Will can pull you out of destruction and chaos and put you on the path to salvation. The movie has inspired many lives and holds powerful messages for everyone to know and understand. The story explains Stuart Long’s journey from inside the ring to being unable to compete due to injuries and deciding to relocate to Los Angeles. His simple life as a grocery cashier leads to his meeting with Carmen, a kindergarten teacher.

The movie is filled with drama, fun, and many ups and downs moments that we can all relate to in different ways. Father Stu is a must-watch movie that teaches how strength, commitment to religion, and will to never give up on life can help you be a better person every day.


Family time calls for a movie that warms hearts and tickles the same in a beautifully emotional way, and that is exactly what Fatherhood gives, from the direction of Paul Weitz.

Fatherhood follows the story of a father named Matt Logelin, played by Kevin Hart, who is left to raise his daughter alone when his wife unexpectedly dies. The story revolves around the father-daughter duo and gives strong, fun, and loving vibes right from the get-go. Throughout the movie, you will see the baby girl grow into this amazing toddler whom the strong-willed father wholeheartedly tries to parent well.

The movie offers great family time and is one of the best movies to follow this year, as the comedy star Kevin Hart learns how to become a single Father.

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Keeping Company

Directed by Josh Wallace, Keeping Company is a thriller experience as the two salesmen are stuck in the basement of a serial killer after they knocked on the wrong door on millionarefeed.

The chilling story of two insurance persons in a race against time will keep you hooked from the edge of your seat. After the guys accidentally and unknowingly knock on the door of a serial killer, he doesn’t take it lightly. The clock starts ticking as the killer traps both of them in his basement for a dead end. They must fight for their lives to escape their demise before the time runs out.

Get on a hyped-up experience in Keeping Company; not necessarily for kids, but definitely a great movie for adults and teenagers. It won’t let you take your eyes off the screen as the duo fights back to break loose from the claws of the murderer.


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