The Best Zoom Backgrounds for Sci-Fi Fans

The Best Zoom Backgrounds for Sci-Fi Fans

Most sci-fi fans have watched at least one episode of Star Trek, which means most sci-fi fans have also seen Captain Kirk sitting in his command chair on the USS Enterprise. The command chair was located on the bridge of the starship, and it was positioned in the center with various other consoles and stations surrounding it. The captain could issue orders to the crew by speaking into his headset, or he could enter commands into the computer on his chair’s armrests. The United Federation of Planets logo was on both sides of the backrest, with Federation flags hanging down on each side of it.

We’re off on a great big adventure

There’s something about setting off on a great big adventure that’s just so exciting. It’s the unknown, the possibility of what could be, that gets our blood pumping and our hearts racing. And when it comes to sci-fi fans, there’s no shortage of great big adventures to be had. The possibilities are endless! So we’ve gathered together some of the best zoom backgrounds to help you create your own Star Trek styled space with ease. Our favorite way to customize these is by applying a gradient overlay or by using textures like galaxy spirals, stars and nebulae. Get ready for some out of this world decorating!

Explore the stars

As a sci-fi fan, there’s nothing better than being able to explore the stars from the comfort of your own home. And with Zoom backgrounds, you can do just that! Here are 20 of the best Zoom backgrounds for sci-fi fans, especially Trekkies. First up is this stellar environment wallpaper, which will make you feel like you’re on an alien planet. Next is this super-cute space scene that features some furry friends and galactic scenery in the background. For something a little more grown up, try this stunning black and white design featuring galaxies colliding into one another in an elegant way.

For a more futuristic look at outer space, check out this design with an abstract pattern in white and orange colors. You’ll also love these images of famous places near Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. The first has a beautiful view of Saturn as it casts its light onto the rings below it. Second is an image of Jupiter surrounded by lightning storms as seen from its moon Europa. Third is a closeup photo of Mars taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover as it approaches one of its craters. Last but not least, here’s a purple space exploration design with planets scattered across it!

I love this place

There’s something about outer space that is just so fascinating. It’s the unknown, the vastness, and the potential for life beyond our own planet that makes it so captivating. And what better way to bring a little bit of that magic into your home than with a stellar Zoom background? Whether you’re into Star Wars or Star Trek, or even if you’re an avid gamer, there are some pretty awesome backgrounds out there just waiting for you to find them. So whether you need an alien landscape or some space rocks, these 20 sci-fi graphics will have you saying Beam me up Scotty! One of my favorite planets in the Star Wars galaxy is Coruscant: Once known as simply Imperial Center, this ecumenopolis was home to billions before being devastated by Emperor Palpatine’s final act of spite towards his enemies.

Control board

Sci-fi fans rejoice! We’ve compiled a list of the best Zoom backgrounds inspired by some of our favorite sci-fi movies and TV shows. From the Star Trek control room to the Death Star, these backgrounds are sure to make your next Zoom meeting more interesting. Click through the gallery below to find your perfect galactic backdrop. Scroll down for full credits.

1) In 1977, NASA commissioned an artist named Mathematician Harold McCarty to create this giant depiction of a 3D tesseract fractal in this bizarre deep space setting, giving astronauts aboard the Skylab orbital laboratory something inspiring to gaze at as they orbited Earth.

2) A futuristic study with everything in it, including the kitchen sink.