1 Year UPSC Coaching in Delhi

UPSC Coaching

Civil Services exam preparation can be time consuming and exhausting, consuming an entire year of their academic and professional lives. Candidates risk forfeiting many opportunities by devoting all their attention solely to UPSC examination.

By choosing an IAS coaching institute wisely, your chances of success increase significantly. One option would be acquiring 1 year UPSC coaching in Delhi from Tathastu ICS.

For 1 Year UPSC coaching, opt for Tathastu ICS. 

Why Choose Tathastu ICS?

The IAS Coaching School at Tathastu in Delhi is one of the premier IAS coaching organizations. Their teachers are civil servants themselves, providing top training to aspirants. Furthermore, they organize personality development workshops that encourage aspirants to develop values, ethics, and social responsibility while their mentorship goes beyond classroom instruction – helping clear any doubts in one-on-one sessions with aspirants.

Teaching methods and guidance provided by this institute have yielded several toppers over recent years. Furthermore, its centers located at key places such as Old Rajinder Nagar ensure access for aspirants from all across India.

Tathastu ICS takes an innovative approach to IAS exam preparation by offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs with UPSC coaching – their BA+UPSC Coaching program gives students a solid academic base in subjects critical for IAS exam success.

Apart from classroom lectures, this institute provides comprehensive study material for each course through textbooks, supplementary notes and question papers. They also offer Prelims and Mains test series – including both sectional and full-length tests – so that students can assess their preparations and boost their scores.

Personalized Mentorship

Mentors offer guidance and emotional support during every step of preparation. In addition, they are available for one-on-one doubt clearing sessions and help with test taking techniques.

Tathastu ICS mentors are highly-qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge of the exam. Their mentorship has consistently produced top-ranking candidates.

Not only can they offer personalized mentoring services, they also offer regular assessments, practice tests, and UPSC test series for prelims and mains exams. In addition to online and offline classes at this institute, there is also a central library with books and other study materials, saving mentorees the hassle of carrying their books back and forth from their PG. In-person tuitions also feature access to lockers where books and notes can be stored safely; additionally online students have the opportunity to view recorded classes up to three times until their course expires so as to gain a solid foundation before attending live classes.

Customized Courses

Tathastu ICS provides several course programs designed to prepare students for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. These courses include 3-Year and 2-Year (without degree) Integrated Courses that start immediately following high school or during the last semester of undergraduate studies – saving both time and stress when starting preparations early.

The Institute also offers an MA+UPSC Coaching program, combining master’s degree training with UPSC examination preparation. Led by former bureaucrat Dr. Tanu Jain – and affiliated with Mangalayatan University for added legitimacy and practical insight – this course has formal academic credentials.

The MA+UPSC course offers an all-encompassing program for Prelims, Mains and Optional subjects of UPSC exams. In addition, students receive comprehensive study material in the form of standard books and NCERT compilations as well as daily practice sessions designed to assess their current knowledge as well as identify any areas requiring more attention.

Regular Assessments

Tathastu ICS understands that success in passing the Civil Services exam requires not just hard study but also time management strategies and an optimistic attitude. Therefore, the institute provides regular assessments designed to evaluate student performance and identify areas for growth.

The institute offers comprehensive study materials that include textbooks, supplementary notes, and practice questions so students can prepare more efficiently and build a firmer foundation for their studies. Furthermore, our faculty are always on hand to address academic inquiries or clarify any doubts.

Online students also benefit from video recordings of offline classes so they can attend lectures even when not present on campus, making this feature ideal for aspirants who cannot make it regularly to campus and yet want the best coaching in Delhi.

Test Series

Beating the IAS exam is no simple task; it requires years of hard work. Students often struggle with low self-esteem or demotivation as a result of all their studies for this exam.

Josh Talks has provided an exhaustive list of top UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi. These schools offer comprehensive preparation services designed to strengthen students’ preparations and increase confidence for exam day.

Many of these services include personalized test series, interview preparation and online resources. Furthermore, there is also a library which enables students to store their books and notes; eliminating the need to carry them back and forth from PG, saving both time and energy in doing so.

Tathastu ICS provides an intensive prelims test series consisting of both micro and full-length exams designed to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses as well as provide one-on-one doubt clearing sessions and personal feedback on performance. Furthermore, Tathastu also provides standard books and NCERT compilations so aspirants can develop a solid foundation.